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Acrylic on Canvas

This is a self-portrait and I love her so much! Here is a poem a wrote about 5 years ago that goes perfectly with this painting:

Through the dark waters of night have I trudged against;
All in all, left to utter words to my own damn defense.
Out of love—out of hate—have I risen...and then fallen;
Left only am I to hear the true clarion of my callin’. Now as I stand up tall and brave,
do I hold firm in the wind, as the gusts of giants about me roar...
sweetly do I gaze at the dusty trails of life,
as I am no longer lost, stranded somewhere offshore.

The waves did not break me...
nor did the seas of sand sink me.

But instead, I awoke to a beautiful melody of tones,
filled with the energy of life abounding and the traces of love;
Leaving their illustrious features to rattle straight through my bones.

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