Abstract Acrylics Class

This blog post is a little late, the last few weeks have been kind of crazy with Vivian, we are both sick for week with very high fevers...and then she was on Spring Break from school so it was difficult for me to work or even hop on my laptop (She loves to shut my laptop)! Anyways, back in February, I taught my first acrylics class at Co-Motion Studio. 

It was SO much fun, all the paintings came out differently. I started off the class with a demonstration of tools I like to use for my own paintings. I am in love with palette knives—both plastic and metal—as well as cheap $.50 foam brushes! I like to apply multiple colors all at once and then see how they interact with one another on the canvas. 

My next class is going to be Saturday, April 15th from 2-4PM! Be sure and sign up at Co-Motion's website! http://www.comotionmemphis.com