The Weathering Collection - Now at The Attic Apparel

I finalized my new collection and was asked to put them on display at The Attic in Overton Square! The Attic is located on the corner of Madison and Cooper, visible from Overton Square's main intersection. They carry an eclectic mix of entry to luxury brands.

I feel like I learned so much during the creative process of this series. I tapped into a younger part of myself and just had fun with the art supplies. I used tons of paint, modeling paste, irredecent medium and palette knives. I even finger painted in a few of them. I really just let each piece take on a life of its own in a very organic way. 

After I fishing painting yesterday, I laid all the pieces out and picked fitting titles that reflected both the overall tone and mood of each painting, as well as kept to the Weathering theme. Lots of them are from song lyrics. I love them so much!

Here is a gallery of the final Collection on display and for sale: 

I am so thrilled! I can't wait to start on my next collection...I am thinking it will also be 'atmospheric'...but perhaps have more gold...stay tuned for more on that next week...

Take a look at the install photos and have a nice weekend :)