I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
— Vincent Van Gogh



Sarah is a Memphis-area native and graduated from the University of Memphis in 2006 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree, with a concentration in Graphic Design. She subsequently attended an Art Therapy graduate program for a year in New Haven, Connecticut, where she participated in Art Therapy with refugee children, stroke patients, and recovering addicts. It was through these experiences that she began to witness the innate healing power of art making. Ever expressive, she uses her background in Graphic Design and Art Therapy to draw out the emotional essence of life into her art.


She is an intuitive artist who paints mainly by color, and allows for shapes, patterns, and textures to naturally unfold onto the canvas. While she is not in control of what the final piece will look like, she leads the dance with her brush. She believes this process is not only healing for her, but also results in artwork that naturally gives off a healing “vibe” for the viewer. 


Sarah has participated in a number of artistic events including the Main Street Trolley Night, the Broad Avenue Art Walk, showing in Columbus's Short North Arts District, and an art show in the Chicago area where she lived for several years. Currently, she uses her paintings to design apparel, primarily leggings and robes, which are sold on Etsy. She also teaches abstract classes at Co-Motion Studio in Crosstown. Sarah lives and paints in Germantown, TN with her husband Nick and toddler Vivian Rose.